Space Cleansing Workshops

 Space Cleansing Workshops As we enter more fully into the Age of Aquarius and more souls and beings become aware and are directly impacted by the energies in the world, the need to cleanse and protect our home, business and sanctuary spaces is ever more relevant. Shaman Jonathan will teach you how to identify negative energies in your space and teach you how to remove them.

Dating back to more than 40,000 years ago, space cleansing or clearing can be found as a practice in almost every culture and around the world.

In Catholic churches we see the use of bells and incense during ceremonies, as well music and hymns, candles and prayers.

Among the African tribes we see the use of saging, or Imphepo to remove negative entities and bad spirits, and even the Chinese utilize amulets, symbols and prayers on doorways to keep ghosts and negative energies out.

As people become more spiritually aware as we enter the Age of Aquarius, they are now more susceptible to feeling these energies as well, and have become more cognizant of the need to maintain a sanctuary or sanctimonious space where they can safely let their guards down, and rest and recuperate spiritually.

Shaman Jonathan will help you learn how to identify negative energies, safely remove them and protect and bless the space you're working with.

This knowledge can be applied to your home, office, car, garden, garage and more... any space that you feel needs the energy work.

Workshop Contents

  1. Understand what space cleansing or clearing is
  2. Unpack where bad energies come from and what causes them
  3. Know when you need to perform energy of space clearing
  4. Symptoms that you may experience in a negative energy space
  5. Practical uses for space clearing and cleansing
  6. Preparing yourself to perform a clearing or cleansing
    1. Your Body
    2. Your Mind
    3. How to Protect Yourself
    4. Preparing the Space
  7. Clearing the Space
    1. The Four Elements
    2. Methods of Clearing
  8. Closing Off
  9. Protection
  10. Maintenance

Workshop Details

  • Duration: 1 day or 6 hours
    • This workshop can be held in two separate sessions of three hours each
  • Pricing includes all workshop materials and manuals, as well as tea and coffee
    • Please bring snacks and additional refreshments
  • Cost: R600 per person

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