Meditation for Team Building

Meditation for Team BuildingA cost-effective team building solution that actually really works, meditation workshops will help your staff align by bringing the magnetic energies of their bodies and their heartbeats into sync.

This ensures dramatic increases in harmony, productivity, engagement, communication, laughter, bonding, connection, team work and so much more.

Shaman Jonathan Hartman will help you design a meditation team building experience designed to meet the specific needs of every member of your team, helping them to all feel welcomed and included.

When you need a once-off, overnight, miracle quick fix!

Meditation holds so many told, proven and untold benefits that it is widely and openly used by business and thought leaders around the world - regardless of their religious orientation.

Likewise, as a team building activity, a meditation afternoon is a low-cost activity that you can run at your offices, mitigating all the usual moans groans that accompany traditional travel-out-into-the-bundus team building events.

And meditation really is a miracle cure for disharmony, anger, frustration, lack of communication and even a poorly-performing bottom line.

Meditation will encourage your staff to unconsciously sync their heartbeats, which will cause a change in the magnetic resonance emanating from their hearts, influencing their brain to help them work harmoniously with those around them, because they will automatically feel more connected to the people they've shared the experience with.

What can attendees expect?

Attendees will learn the proper postures for meditation, purposeful breathing and how to set an intention.

We will also unpack various forms of meditation, from transcendental to mindfulness and heart-based meditations.

The approximately 3-hour session will close with a guided meditation led by Shaman Jonathan.


Free Meditation Tools

If you're interested in learning more about meditation and managing stress, The HeartMath Institute offers a wide range of free resources and tools you can access.

Step 1: Visit the HeartMath website and learn the 30-second Quick Coherence Technique

Step 2: Visit the Global Care Rooms, click on the second tab labelled "Session Room" and click the audio link that appears top left to experience a guided meditation that use the Quick Coherence technique as a base.

This meditation is a heart-based meditation and you can use the technique as an effective 30-second stress buster in any situation.

HeartmathGlobal Coherence Initiative

We honor your religious beliefs

With wide experience working across a broad range of religions and belief systems, even assisting priests around the world to perform exorcisms, Shaman Jonathan Hartman is geared to help you in a way that respects and honors the boundaries of your religious belief systems.

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