Soul Retrieval

Soul RetrievalIf you've undergone a lot of shock or trauma in your life and find that you need to get your life back on track again, then soul retrieval is a shamanic process that can help you feel whole again.

Under shamanic teaching, every time you undergo a shock or a trauma that impacts you deeply, a small piece of your soul hides itself away to protect you, and gets stuck at that moment in time. 

Over time, especially if you've experienced ongoing shock and trauma, it becomes more and more difficult to function optimally without all the pieces of you intact, and so you start experiencing even more negative situations, shock and trauma that holds even more of your soul back from helping you live a full and happy life.

What kinds of negative experience, shock or trauma can hold you back?

Every soul is at a different stage of development, and what may constitute a huge shock or trauma for you can be a walk in the park for someone else.

Depending on where you are at your stage of development, and how much you can handle, shock and trauma can be as small as:

  • Having a verbal argument with a friend, colleague or family member
  • Your first break up after having had been in love for the first time
  • Contracting the flu or a cold

At the same time, larger traumas occur at some stage in almost everybody's lives:

  • The death of a pet or family member
  • Betrayal
  • Ongoing or chronic illness
  • Car accidents
  • Major hospitalizations
  • Losing a job
  • Divorce
  • Depression or suicide
  • Major financial losses

No matter how severe the trauma is by the world's standards, the effect is has on your energetic imprint is always unique to you, and you may find that something small compared to other incidents in your life has actually caused the most amount of damage. 

On an even larger level, your soul can leave behind aspects as a result of:

  • Trauma, injury or death events that occurred in a previous incarnation
  • Long term and chronic illness and birth defects from a previous incarnation
  • Ancestral karma from this incarnation or a previous one
  • Injury or trauma sustained by an incarnation of your soul an another level or in another dimension
  • Guilt over previous actions in a past incarnation

What can you expect during a Soul Retrieval process?

Similar to a guided meditation or hypnosis session, Shaman Jonathan will talk to you gently for a period of time while you relax and let your mind drift.

Once you're relaxed and comfortable, you'll find your mind quite easily fills in the information that is needed. Your eyes are closed, but you're able to talk and understand Shaman Jonathan at all times, and you are free to stop the process at any time you feel uncomfortable.

After a while, both you and Shaman Jonathan will be guided to an area where beings will meet you and help you retrieve the lost pieces of your soul, or your soul fragments. Each of these will be healed and reintegrated into you, without the need for you to relive any of the trauma. In fact, the majority of soul fragments are reintegrated without you even being aware of it happening.

This fully-clothed experience involves no touching whatsoever. In all, the process takes a few hours to complete.

How will you feel after the Soul Retrieval process?

The process of moving through your mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical challenges by means of energy healing modalities is commonly known as shifting... effectively you shift the 'stuff' (it's a legitimate spiritual term!) out of your energy and life.

Every person experiences shifting in a different way, and even if you've experienced it in one way, the next time can be completely different. Luckily your body will adapt as you do more work and learn to take on the new energy imprints more quickly and easily, allowing you to eventually find almost instantaneous relief in energy healing sessions.

For most people, some immediate relief is felt, although others may experience up to a week of feeling physically ill if the shift is quite severe. This can include your tummy running, headaches and aches and even nausea and vomiting in extreme cases where the body is violently repelling the old energy.

Most people will experience an increase in bladder function, so you'll need to pee more often, and almost everyone experiences a strange bubbling feeling that happens at a point usually somewhere just below your rib cage. This is your physical body releasing the old energy from your diaphragm to your small intestine so that it can be expelled by your excretory system - usually the urinary system.

So please drink a lot of water after your session. As much as you can to support your system and kidneys as they flush the old negative stuff out for you.

Within a few hours to three weeks after the session though, you will begin to see some amazing changes in who you intrinsically are.

  • Feel more focused and present
  • Feel more energized and alive
  • Feel emotionally lighter and clearer
  • Set better boundaries
  • Increase your feelings of self worth and self esteem
  • Be more in touch with your feelings and intuition, as well as your guides
  • Leave behind problems that have plagued you overnight
  • Find a new lease of life in relationships
  • Increase your awareness and feelings of connection to the Divine
  • Experience amazing physical healing as you let go of past resentments, anger and hatred
  • Allow wonderful new opportunities and abundance to enter into your life

When should you consider a Soul Retrieval process?

A Soul Retrieval may be the answer for you is any of the following statements apply: 

  • You've been consistently working on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue that won't budge
  • You have a very stuck issue that budges but keeps coming back after a short period of time
  • You have recently left a toxic environment or relationship but still feel tied to the person or place, wanting to connect with them
  • You find yourself thinking about someone obsessively, and keep returning to those thoughts no matter how hard you try to stop
  • You lack energy and motivation
  • You feel as though something is missing in your life but you can't put your finger on it
  • You feel stuck in a spiral of negative addictions and events
  • You've ever said: everything changed when... or my life has never been the same since...
  • You find yourself wanting to return to a person or location, almost against your will
  • You numb yourself with addictions and distractions like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, porn, television or overwork
  • You feel like you have a purpose but don't know where or how you fit in

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