Meet your Spirit Guide, Power Animal or Guardian Angel

Spirit Guides, Power Animals & Guardian AngelsAllow Shaman Jonathan Hartman to take you on a journey to meet your spirit guide, power animal or guardian angel so that you can easily call on them afterwards for support, guidance and advice - when and where you need it.

There's comes a point in every spiritual journey when you begin to want obtain guidance directly or an ongoing basis, without the need to call in a middle man every time.

Alternately you may find that you want direct contact with your guides for emotional support, protection and company as you walk along life's path. Or you may simply find that your personal set of abilities don't extend to meeting your guides, power animals or guardian angels on your own, and you need a bit of help and an introduction.

Shaman Jonathan will work alongside you in a one-hour session to introduce you to your Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Guardian Angels, helping you form a strong psychic, mental and emotional connection to them, so that you can call on them directly whenever you want.

What can you expect from a session to meet your Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Guardian Angels?

As with the Soul Retrieval process, meeting your Spirit Guide, Power Animal or Guardian Angel is a fully-clothed experience in which there is no physical contact or touching.

Similar to hypnosis, you'll settle comfortably with your eyes closed, while Shaman Jonathan talks to you and guides you through a guided visualization.

You'll be able to stop the process at any time, you'll always have full awareness of what is happening and what you're doing and you will in no way be brainwashed. You'll simply enjoy the feeling of relaxing while Shaman Jonathan talks to you, and the images begin to unfold in front of you, almost like a dream.

How do I know that what I see is real?

If you're worried that you won't be able to visualise or see anything, then don't worry - you're not alone. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, most people battle to visualize and only get impressions of pictures and ideas.

Once you're in the other realm with Shaman Jonathan though, the pictures will come quickly easily, with little to no effort on your part.

You'll see detail and just know information, like you know certain things are real in real life - and you will feel confident and secure about it.

Most importantly though, it doesn't matter if what you're seeing is historically accurate or not: we're interested in working with what's inside your head and what you understand. Accuracy is not important - we're here for you to get spiritual and emotional relief.

What are the benefits of meeting your Spirit Guides, Power Animals or Guardian Angels?

If you've ever wished there was a website where you could type in a question and get answers to many of life's questions, then you'll love having your own spiritual Google around!

When you make contact with your Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Guardian Angels, they have answers that are uniquely suited to you and your specific needs, so the help you are likely to get from will well exceed the help you can reasonably expect to get from others.

In addition, most clients experience their minds and awareness as opening up and broadening, helping them shift limited patterns, belief systems and ideologies they carry from past lives and childhood. Many also experience benefits like improved self-worth, better decision making and boundary setting.

We honor your religious beliefs

With wide experience working across a broad range of religions and belief systems, even assisting priests around the world to perform exorcisms, Shaman Jonathan Hartman is geared to help you in a way that respects and honors the boundaries of your religious belief systems.

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Free Meditation Tools

If you're interested in learning more about meditation and managing stress, The HeartMath Institute offers a wide range of free resources and tools you can access.

Step 1: Visit the HeartMath website and learn the 30-second Quick Coherence Technique

Step 2: Visit the Global Care Rooms, click on the second tab labelled "Session Room" and click the audio link that appears top left to experience a guided meditation that use the Quick Coherence technique as a base.

This meditation is a heart-based meditation and you can use the technique as an effective 30-second stress buster in any situation.

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Distance Consultations

Skype Consultations

Shaman Jonathan offers a number of his services working distance or proxy, or via Skype.

If you are based outside South Africa, please email Shaman Jonathan to find out more about distance and proxy sessions.

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