Personal Services

Shaman Jonathan Hartman, The Soul Healer, offers a wide range of personal Shamanic services, from soul retrieval to energy cleansing, aura cleansing, space cleansing, meeting your spirit or animal guide, meditation and distance or proxy sessions.

With his broad range of experience gained by standing with the San or Bushmen, Siberian and Native American peoples, as well as his extensive experience assisting clients and even priests around the world, Shaman Jonathan is geared to help you handle almost any spiritual, emotional, mental or physical crisis or roadblocks you may be navigating.

But won't my religion disapprove?

With his wide experience working with Shamans, healers, medicine men and priests around the world, Shaman Jonathan is well-versed in every major religion and will work alongside you to develop a plan for healing that honors the boundaries of your religious belief system.

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Geography is not an issue!

If you are unable to attend a session in person, or Shaman Jonathan is unable to travel to you, then distance or proxy sessions can be arranged.

In both cases, you would stay where you are Shaman Jonathan would work on your from a distance or by having someone else stand in or proxy for your body in the session.

How can Shaman Jonathan help you?

We honor your religious beliefs

With wide experience working across a broad range of religions and belief systems, even assisting priests around the world to perform exorcisms, Shaman Jonathan Hartman is geared to help you in a way that respects and honors the boundaries of your religious belief systems.

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Distance Consultations

Skype Consultations

Shaman Jonathan offers a number of his services working distance or proxy, or via Skype.

If you are based outside South Africa, please email Shaman Jonathan to find out more about distance and proxy sessions.

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