Happy Clients

See what our happy clients have to say about Shaman Jonathan Hartman, The Soul Healer.


Thank you so much for taking me on such a loving gentle journey. Over the last few days I have felt revitalised and more energetic having found out the root cause of my distress.



I will be forever grateful for the patience you showed. I was a little nervous before my session and am now at peace and feel as though a weight has been lifted.



Sitting in my secret garden and meeting my spirit guide was a profound and exhilarating experience. Thanks a mill!



I was quite skeptical at first, but as soon as Jonathan began speaking, his voice put me at ease. I met my spirit guide in such a non-threatening way. I couldn't have felt more relaxed. This experience has made me realize that I am not alone. Thank you so much!



Jono. You have changed our lives! The work you did on Trish has been amazing. She seems more at peace and a lot more grounded.

We had forgotten about the near drowning incident when she was 4, we felt it wasn't that traumatic for her, but was obviously wrong. She's back at school and got 76% for LS.

She says she can now cope a lot better that she knows she has Matthew and Blade by her side. Thank you for the love and caring you have shown to ALL of us.

Tiny & Marina


Just a short note to say. Wow and thank you, thank you, thank you. Since you did the cleansing the office seems so much lighter and cleaner. Even the grouchy staff smiled and stated talking to one another today. Best R500 I've spent on the business.



As a spiritual old hand, I really battle to find healers I connect with or who understand the level of learning I'm at - or what my frustrations are at that level - and I get tired of hearing the same junior rote answers all the time.

Shaman Jonathan has been a Godsend: he gets where I'm at, allows me space to express it and helps me deal with my stuff at my level; so I finally get a chance to let someone else take the lead for a bit and maybe teach me something instead of just learning from me.

If you're an old hand and you've been at healing for a while, or if you are really and truly stuck, reach out to Shaman Jonathan. He really is the new breed of healer us advanced level peeps have been waiting for.


We honor your religious beliefs

With wide experience working across a broad range of religions and belief systems, even assisting priests around the world to perform exorcisms, Shaman Jonathan Hartman is geared to help you in a way that respects and honors the boundaries of your religious belief systems.

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Distance Consultations

Skype Consultations

Shaman Jonathan offers a number of his services working distance or proxy, or via Skype.

If you are based outside South Africa, please email Shaman Jonathan to find out more about distance and proxy sessions.

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