Diversity Training Workshop

Diversity Training WorkshopIf you've ever had an a-ha or breakthrough moment, then you're exactly aware of how powerful awareness can be in shifting how you approach some of the biggest issues in life.

Shaman Jonathan Hartman has worked alongside a number of corporates to help them understand the diversity among their staff and help them grow harmony, peace, cooperation and productivity, and reduce discord and conflict effectively.

Diverse cultures, religions, lifestyles & languages

South Africa is a complicated country. We have 11 official languages, countless indigenous cultures. lifestyles and belief systems - and almost all of them are intolerant of each other.

Add into the mix the dramatic changes that are happening worldwide in terms of alternative sexualities and sexual lifestyles, and you have a brewing pot for disaster in your business.

If left unattended or not managed properly, the clashes that throwing all these differing opinions together can cause can impact your business on every level - from profitability to productivity, harmony, cooperation and communication, even management and hierarchical structures become challenged.

What will you learn in Diversity Training?

The main aim of Diversity Training is really to bring awareness and understanding to each of the participants, helping them to understand themselves and those around them better.

In order to achieve this, Diversity Training looks at aspects like:

  • How the circumstances of your birth and life have shaped you and made you who you are
  • How your upbringing and culture shape how you interact and engage with people, e.g. do you impulsively blurt out ideas because you're excited and do other people take that as you being rude?
  • The impact of nature vs. nurture
  • Left and right brained personalities and how these structured and creative people misunderstand each other and conflict because of their inherent personality characteristics
  • The various cultures, religions, belief systems and languages

Diversity Training Workshop Details

If you need assistance with diversity training in your organization, then Shaman Jonathan can assist you at a venue or on your premises.

If you have a boardroom and would like to host the training there, we're happy to travel to you. It's at your discretion if you'd like to take care of catering and snacks or if we should do it for you.

Alternately we'll happily arrange a venue, snacks and refreshments and do all the legwork for you.

This workshop takes place over 2 full days and Shaman Jonathan is happy to meet with you beforehand to discuss the particular concerns you're facing in your business, so that the training experience can be customized to suit your exact needs and the challenges you are facing.

What happens after the Diversity Training is finished?

Even if you get your staff complement working like a well-oiled machine, cooperating and understanding each other, the normal course of business and life is going to upset that dynamic from time to time.

New staff will enter, old team members will leave, and with new energy that is introduced into the space, and with each change the dynamic will shift and alter, and require tweaking.

Shaman Jonathan will be on hand to assist you with a number of key services after the training is completed:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Group coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Workshops to create awareness among the staff of their and others' psychologies, eg. understanding that when the Entrepreneur blurts an idea out it's not meant as rude, it's just because he or she is a creative and impulsive mind
  • Team building events
  • Meditation practice
  • Staff hiring guidelines and question sets for future candidates
  • New Employee Induction Packs
  • New Employee Induction Training

Additionally, for those of you that are spiritually inclined and would like to incorporate spiritual practice into your business, Shaman Jonathan can offer a range of spiritual tools as well:

Importantly, Shaman Jonathan is always cognizant of the religious beliefs of others, and is happy to structure all the modalities in a way that does not offend anyone's sensibilities or cross the boundaries of their belief system. Click here to read more about how we will honor your religious beliefs.

We honor your religious beliefs

With wide experience working across a broad range of religions and belief systems, even assisting priests around the world to perform exorcisms, Shaman Jonathan Hartman is geared to help you in a way that respects and honors the boundaries of your religious belief systems.

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Front Foot Training

Free Meditation Tools

If you're interested in learning more about meditation and managing stress, The HeartMath Institute offers a wide range of free resources and tools you can access.

Step 1: Visit the HeartMath website and learn the 30-second Quick Coherence Technique

Step 2: Visit the Global Care Rooms, click on the second tab labelled "Session Room" and click the audio link that appears top left to experience a guided meditation that use the Quick Coherence technique as a base.

This meditation is a heart-based meditation and you can use the technique as an effective 30-second stress buster in any situation.

HeartmathGlobal Coherence Initiative

Distance Consultations

Skype Consultations

Shaman Jonathan offers a number of his services working distance or proxy, or via Skype.

If you are based outside South Africa, please email Shaman Jonathan to find out more about distance and proxy sessions.

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