5 common mistakes you make with space cleansing and clearing

5 common mistakes you make with space cleansing and clearing"I've smudged so much my house smells like a veld fire, burnt enough candles and incense to sink a battleship, used enough holy water to refloat the battle ship, had a professional space cleanser in and there's still something in my house."

This is how many of my clients start off their conversation when they are still experiencing a "bad vibe" or "blockage" in their home or work space.

So why has the space cleansing not worked?

I have many successes with space cleansing as have many people who have done it themselves.

Here are 5 common mistakes both professionals and amateurs make when space cleansing.

Mistake #1

The most important part of space cleansing is to have the correct intention!

You, or a professional, cannot do a cleansing with the thought process of, "I'm now sick and tired of this @#&^ energy and I'm going to get rid of it once and for all!"

Anger begets anger.

Frustration leads to even more frustration. Hate loves hate.

Bottom line - negativity breeds negativity.

As hard as it is going to be, you have to leave your ego at the door and move in with love and light.

Mistake #2

Lack of planning

Before you start the cleansing, think clearly about what you would like to achieve.

For example: "My intention today is to lift any negative energies, so that the occupants and any visitors entering this space can feel energized and free of any negativity that may be harmful to themselves."

Mistake #3

Not filling the void

As you lift negative energy, a void is formed. You need to fill this void with positive energies.

If you don't, the negative energy will simply re-enter the space.

Picture each room in the space and think of your positive intention for each space.

I find it helps to write down each room with its positive intentions.

Some examples:

  • rest, love and harmony in the bedroom
  • productivity, abundance, wealth and creativity in the office
  • nourishment, family and fellowship in the kitchen

This is how I fill the voids:

All that is not of the light must, in love and light, return to its place with the Divine NOW! (x3)

In this place let (Declare your intention aloud) be abundant.

Mistake #4

Not calling for protection

Whether it's your first cleansing or you're an old hand, remember that we are working with energies and calling on the spirit to assist.

In this realm, both positive and negative energies exist.

We are trying to get rid of negative energies, not invite more in!

Call on your spirit guides, archangels, God and whoever you feel will help and protect you before you start the cleansing.

You may also want to wear or carry crystals and/or amulets during the cleansing.

Mistake #5

Not concentrating on the 4 elements

The main reasons why smudging is used when cleansing is that it uses all four elements.

The smudge stick is made of herbs which represent elements of earth and water (the herbs need both earth and water to flourish).

The burning of the herbs represents the element of fire and the 'waving' of the smoke represents the element of wind.

Before you start smudging, concentrate on the:

  • earth and water element in the smudge stick
  • fire when lighting the smudge stick
  • movement of air when 'waving' the smoke

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